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How can TOURISMlink be successful in the future!

Posted by Marta in News,Project News, October 22nd,2014 0 Comments

On the occasion of its 69th General Assembly, taking place on 16 and 17 October...

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TOURISMlink meets Travel Technology Companies and Technology providers at ETOA’s digital Showcase

Posted by anned in News,Project News, October 2nd,2014 0 Comments

On September 30 TOURISMlink participated in the digital Showcase oganised in London by ETOA, the...

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TOURISMlink working group kicked-off!

Posted by Marta in Project News, September 25th,2014 0 Comments

The first TOURISMlink official working group meeting took place the 23rd of September 2014. Consortium...

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The next steps for TOURISMlink

Posted by Luc Chomé in Project News, July 22nd,2014 0 Comments

Having completed the two-year European Commission-supported pilot project, TOURISMlink now enters a new phase –...

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TOURISMlink review conference: solutions for the travel industry

Posted by Francois-Xavier Peers in Project News,Tourismlink, June 26th,2014 0 Comments

The TOURISMlink review conference in Brussels on June 24 was a huge success. Attended by...

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